Plan Your Outdoor Kitchen

When you have the luxury of space in your backyard and want to add something extra to your home, an outdoor kitchen is a good idea. This can be very convenient if you like having people over and enjoy eating together. Sometimes the space inside your home is not enough for another kitchen and there’s nothing like cooking food while enjoying the fresh air outside. You can also put tables and chairs near the outdoor kitchen to make everything look presentable more enjoyable. Here are tips on how to plan for an outdoor kitchen:

Your design should be consistent

The design should look as if it was included in the original plan of the house when it comes to material choices and architectural details, instead of an afterthought.

Assess the backyard

You need to check if permits have to be applied for and find out what codes are needed. Determine if your outdoor kitchen will be located close to the indoor kitchen, if you have enough lighting and shelter from the sun. The area should be properly leveled.

Plan where your outdoor kitchen will be placed

Think about the location of your outdoor kitchen and what will be the equipment that you need because this can affect where your gas will be placed, water, and/or supply of electricity.

Here are 4 outdoor kitchen ideas

Family-style outdoor kitchen

This is a fully equipped outdoor kitchen that is separated from the living room space which lets the two areas be used entirely on their own. An outdoor kitchen becomes more functional when it is used logically. There should be enough room for preparation and ample space between the guests and heat coming from the kitchen.

Cook’s corner

Built away from the dining area, a gas grilling station will offer a nice spot at the back of a stone privacy wall. You can put stainless steel burners that have under-counter carts with extra storage and trash space. Cooking at night also won’t be a problem because you can put scones near the grill that make preparing food in the evening easy.

Ice, ice baby theme

Improvements that are done in refrigeration are equipped with removed barriers for cooking outside. 5 years ago, the outdoor refrigeration would fail if temperatures reach 90 degrees. New high-end units like the ones from Perlick can work in an environment up to 115 degrees. Here’s a fact: Machines produce 35 to 40 pounds of clear ice, just like the ones in bars.

Pic in the sky

You no longer have to wait in line for a pizza. You can put a wood-burning oven in your outdoor modern kitchen. They can be an addition since they can be bought freestanding, counter top, and have built-in models that looks really desirable.

These are tips and ideas for an outdoor kitchen that you can easily apply to your home. You no longer have to worry about designs, construction and other factors since they are initially given in this post.